"I have had the absolute joy of working with Julie Cannon on many occasions.  Julie has the unusual ability of being able to quickly and easily identify her client's goals, even if they can't specifically verbalize it, to make a plan, tune out the surroundings, and to focus solely on her subject.  Her photo shoots experiences are nearly magical, and the end result is that she makes every one of her subjects better people through her lens.  Truly!  She is a radiant person and an exceptionally talented artist.  Have her make your next memory, it'll be better than you could have imagined!"

- Julie Dillon


"We have looked at the photos hundreds of times already. Each and every time, we are filled with so much emotion that I hardly know how to put it in words. What you captured of Paige and her balloons is absolutely amazing. I know I gave you an idea of what we wanted, but I never in a million years expected you to read my mind AND go way beyond our wildest dreams!! The photos are incredible. Absolutely INCREDIBLE. Thank you with all my heart for taking the time to photograph us before leaving California. It sincerely means so much to us all to have another set of family photos (done by you) that we truly love. I have no doubt in my mind that your business will THRIVE in Nashville."

-Claudia Watson 


“Julie at Thrive Photography captured the true essence of our family and especially our little guy, Gavin. The experience of being able to have fun, feel completely comfortable and at ease, and connect with the photographer made a lasting impact on our family. The photos are captured memories that I will forever cherish and consider remarkable pieces of art. I will continue to trust Julie with documenting our growth and life, she has us as forever clients! A total WOW experience!”

 -Ashley Smith 


"I just got home and saw the pictures you took of our family.  They are absolutely amazing.  They brought tears to my yes because you captured my children just the way I see them.  Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, we are so blessed to have you  in our lives.  I can't thank you enough."

 -Lisa Filice



"Thank you soo much for being our memory catcher! The photos are absolutely incredible, Julie!!! I love them all so very much!  My dad is the biggest critic of all and he doesn't like much of anything and he was raving about the photos!!! He can't stop talking about how much talent you have and how you are so natural behind the camera! I can not agree more! Thank you so much again!! I am so proud of the photos you captured, I can't stop looking at them as tears come to my eyes all over again!!"

-Magdalena Papik


"Julie & Thrive Photography did a remarkable job for us at the Sheraton Carlsbad "Tapas for the Cure" event which was held at the resort's restaurant Twenty/20 Grill.  We had inside and outside locations, mingling guests, lots of food shots, and many raffle and silent auction items that were all captured with her great photography.  The result was easy, quick and she produced really wonderful photographs quickly and expertly for the event. I am happy to refer Julie for other photography needs and was extremely happy with our results from the event where we worked together."

-Marje Bennetts, Public Relations Counsel - Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa