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HI from Chad

HI everybody! That's it.



Arbuckle (cont.)

I love being out of my element. I find I learn the most about myself and others when I am. I realize that everyone has a story to tell and that everything has a story behind it. I am especially intrigued by things that have been around for a long time. I often find myself wondering what has gone and who has passed through old buildings, houses, churches, towns. I also find myself wondering what story the people that I pass daily have to tell.

I know one thing...I wish I would take more time to find out.

As I was driving from Sacramento to Oregon last Thursday I decided to pull off and explore a small town off I-5. When I saw the sign for Arbuckle I pulled off and began to look around. I didn't see a whole lot of people, but I did see a ton of things, and old and worn things at that.

I did meet one man along the way, a barber named Carlos. Here he is.

Carlos was awesome to say the least. Here is his shop.

And a few other frames from the day.








And the grand finale...I have mixed emotions about this one.

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