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New Zealand . "God's Own Country"

Chad and I took a trip to Australia last August.  At the end of the trip, Chad had to come back home and I continued on to New Zealand for a short four day journey of the North Island.  New Zealand is called "God's Own Country" and I can see why.  Its beauty is second to none and the fact that so much of the land was untouched by developers was truly a liberating feeling.  There are not many pictures of people on here, mostly because I didn't see many.  I had the road and the land almost to myself to a point that, at times, it was a bit eery. 

Nonetheless, I set out in my Subaru wagon for a tour around the North Island.  Most will say it is not even as beautiful as the South Island, but I found myself in awe of the beauty, litterally around every corner.  I was there in the winter and found it to be the perfect time.  It was cool enough to bundle up and feel the cool air on my face as I often stopped to take in what I was seeing.  Four days was not enough.  I'm not even sure four weeks would be.  I kept thinking it would old and the magic would wear off, but truth be told, I left wanting more.  There is nothing more beautiful that what God has painted on this earth.  It amazes the beauty that lies in this world, and my passion for travel has been accelerated after this trip.

I hesitate even doing this blog, because the color, the contrasts and the pure beauty simply doesn't translate as well as I would like into a 600 pixel picture, but I wanted so badly to share some of what I was able to experience.  Of all the places I have traveled, this is the place I would recommend you to save up for and to one day see!  If I have any say in the matter, I will go back.  And stay longer.

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Dayton . Future Hearttrob

Dayton was exactly one week old when we shot these.  As you can see we did a lot of sleeping.  He is truly precious!  He came from these guys :)


Nick + Kristin . Married

Congrats to Nick and Kristin.  You guys are awesome!


Ali Family . Full of Awesome

I absolutely adore everything about this family!


Ethan . A Penny For His Thoughts

They say the eyes are the window to the soul.