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As we are getting settled here in Nashville, we thought it appropriate to honor all those hard working, underpaid MOMS in the world...or at least in the Nashville!  We have decided to go all out and for just $200 are offering a 1 hour photo session + digital negatives of your session.  This is the very best offer we have extended in a long time and this would make for a perfect gift for all those MOMS out there!  We look foward to starting to work with some amazing families in the Nashville area!  Be in touch ASAP to arrange for a session or gift certificate for a future session!





I have had the pleasure of photographing Paige and the rest of her family over the years.  This bunch is truly some of most kind hearted & inspiring people that I know.  They have a tangible kind of love for each other.  They have fun together!  There are simply amazing.  Paige is the oldest of two girls and is graduating high school and headed for Stanford where she will be a part of the crew team there.  For her shoot, in honor of the Stanford Cardinal red & white, we released balloons to celebrate her accomplishments.  I'm proud of you Paige!



Dayton is all boy.  I offer you a progression of things that he got into in the matter of about fourty five minutes! I kind of love him :)


Back to Music City We Go

Nashville, TN holds a special place in the hearts of Chad and I.  It is where we met and eventually got married.  It's where we started our professional careers and began to build memories together.  At the time we married we were living in Dallas, TX which ended up to be a short layover on our way to San Diego.  We have spent the better part of our short 5 years of marriage building a life here that we are so thankful for and none of which we take for granted.

We moved to San Diego after Chad took a job with Outreach, a church marketing company in Vista, CA. We are so very thankful for Outreach and how much Scott Evans, and the the entire team of people there, for believing in Chad and for entrusting him with the opportunities that they have.  This group of people are on an incredible mission to come along side churches to reach their communities for Christ, and I have no doubt an amazing future is in store.

Last year the company announced that they would be relocating to Colorado Springs, CO.  It came as a bit of a shock, but ultimately, it is a great decision for their future.  Sparing you the long story, this past year has been a year of challenge and growth for Chad and I, all of which we are so thankful for.  We have done much soul searching and seeking God as to next steps for us and for the family that we hope to start.  In the end, an amazing opportunity came our way for Chad to take on a position with Thomas Nelson, a publishing group based in Nashville, TN.  Although we were not pursuing outside opportunities there, and have never really thought we would end up back in Nashville, it has become abundantly clear that this is the next step in our journey. 

It is with mixed emotions of anticipation, hope, excitement and sadness that we announce our next chapter will officially begin on April 3rd when we board a plane that will land us in our new home.  This will be our third major move in our 5 years together, and you would think it might get easier.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  We have loved our time here, mostly because of the tremendously loving and supportive relationships we have formed.  We are so thankful for the MANY people that have touched our lives here that we have been brought to tears on several occasions.  We both have family here that has been the backbone of making San Diego a home.  This is what makes leaving hard. We are confident though that we have found friends for life, and though distance will inhibit last minute beach bonfires and late night chats about life, that the people who have helped to shape us will be there for life.

You may be wondering about my business, Thrive Photography.  Thank you seems like such weak effort to express my gratitude for the fun loving, passionate and inspiring people that I have been able to work with.  Many clients have become friends as I have watched their families grow.  To be entrusted with the job of documenting the life of a family is something I am passionate about and so thankful for.  So many of you have inspired me to be a parent who loves my children fearlessly.  It is so much more than a simple photograph, its about doing this life together with amazing people.  I'm humbled and so very thankful for you all. 

My plan is to build a business doing the very same thing in Nashville.  Though it can be a slightly overwhelming thought to "start from scratch", it is my intention to work hard and trust that the Lord will provide.  I'm excited for the opportunities ahead, for the people who I may meet along the way.  I can't wait to get settled and get to work!

Thank you to everybody who has made our time in San Diego so special.  We will no doubt carry many happy memories with us.  Thank you to those of you who have supported us through encouraging words and well wishes in this means the world to us!  Once we get there and get settled, all will be welcome to visit.  Nashville is a little bit country and you will love every minute of it!