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I simply adore this family!



I never tire of working with amazingly cute families!


Gianna . Amazingly Huge Hearted Girl!

Yesterday I had the honor of documenting Gianna Repetti, along with several of her classmates and teachers, as they cut and donated their hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Pantene teams up with the American Cancer Society to make real hair wigs for women living with cancer.

Almost one year ago to the date, Gianna's little sister Angelina was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, which resulted in a massive tumor that had wrapped itself around her spine, as well as other areas in her body. This little girl has fought her way through several surgeries, chemotherapy, and countless other procedures. She is currently beating this disease and the effects it has placed on her physical health.

Gianna is the oldest Repetti sibling and as her mom puts it is a sensitive girl with a huge heart. This was shown by her wanting to do something for others who are battling cancer. She challenged her entire school to take place growing out and cutting their hair for the same cause. Many joined and the school honored those accepting the challenge with an assembly and celebration as they cut their hair.

The news was there to capture the day, and I came along to grab some shots as well. I am personally inspired by the entire Repetti family, as their faith through this past year has been tested beyond measure but not lost.

I enjoyed being a part of this event and post these pics to honor Gianna. While she is only 7 years old, she has done something tremendous beyond her years to help others who are suffering from cancer. Hats off to you Gianna! And as always, continued prayers for Angelina and for this family are appreciated!


Christenson Family . NBD

These people are really NBD (no big deal) while at the same time being a BD (BIG DEAL).  Go figure!  I just like them because from top down they are a genuine, fun loving, adventure seeking and overall awesome bunch.  They also happen to be stealth-like with their camera and know a thing or three about branding.  On top of that they care a whole lot about the human race in general.  If your are not on board with their overall awesomeness then the train is leaving!  Thanks for the fun times Team G&C...and really it was NBD/BD!



Can't really express how much I love this family, Coly, Amy, Nico and soon fourth member of the family!  I had so much fun with these guys and I have to say feel a bit guilty about my job when it is so much fun!  We spent a few hours together hanging out and grabbing photos along the way.  As you can tell when Nico entered the scene he stole the show a bit.  He is at an age where his personality is so much fun and togther with his amazing parents we were able to grab some photos that really represent the fun loving nature they all have for each other.  I LOVE working with families!!